Anymug Debut
Name Anymug
Weapon Type Wondrous Item
Enhancement Bonus N/A
Special Abilities Creates any liquid on which the user focuses, with restrictions.
Material Blue Stone with a ring of yellow stone covered in Dwarven runes.
I.M.E. Yellow glow
Source The poorly locked chest
Danger N/A well outside of drinking a nasty liquid
Wielded by Forgath and Minmax
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First Mention Yumyuck Moss [1]
First Appearance Yumyuck Moss [2]

The Anymug was found in the poorly locked chest after Forgath and Minmax 's battle with the goblin war camp. It can create any item on which the user focuses instantly, with the following restrictions:

  1. It cannot create magic liquids
  2. It should not be used to create acids, the acids will damage the stone the Anymug is made from
  3. Any liquid created must be liquid in its natural form and be neither too hot nor too cold

Minmax using the Anymug

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