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The third printed book started with Update 89, Chorgrak vs The Hut p.282. The expected publishing date has not yet been determined.


List of UpdatesEdit

up.89 Chorgrak vs The Hut p.282, p.283

up.90 Green Knives p.284, p.285

up.91 Reaching Attack p.286, p.287

up.92 Over The Cliff p.288

up.93 Outside The Dungeons Of Brassmoon p.289

up.94 Above The Guards p.290, p.291

up.95 Drop Down p.292, p.293

up.96 Against The Elites Pt 1 p.294, p.295

up.97 Against The Elites Pt 2 p.296, p.297

up.98 Against The Elites Pt 3 p.298, p.299

up.99 Vertical p.300, p.301, p.302

up.100 Dangling And Falling p.303, p.304

up.101 Complains of Names vs Sergeant Bremick p.305, p.306

up.102 Raging At Sergeant Bremick p.307, p.308

up.103 At The Table p.309, p.310

up.104 Goodbye p.311, p.312, p.313

up.105 Big Ears vs Saral Caine p.314, p.315, p.316, p.317

up.106 The Axe Of Prissan p.318, p.319, p.320, p.321

up.107 Fox Climbs p.322

up.108 The Fall p.323, p.324

up.109 Battle's End p.325, p.326, p.327

up.110 Big Ears Does Damage p.328, p.329

up.111 Another Battle's End p.330, p.331

up.112 Third Level p.332

up.113 Challenge Rating p.333, p.334

up.114 Into The Well Of Darkness p.335, p.336, p.337

up.115 Goblinslayer's Discovery p.338, p.339, p.340

up.116 Don't Touch Anything p.341

up.117 Welcome To The Well Of Darkness p.342, p.343

up.118 Return To The Drain p.344, p.345, p.346

up.119 Goblinslayer's Plan p.347, p.348, p.349

up.120 The Owlbear's Victory p.350, p.351, p.352

up.121 Fumbles' Execution p.353

up.122 Rot In Hell Goblin p.354, p.355, p.356

up.123 Into The Fires Of Hell p.357, p.358, p.359

up.124 Goblin Attack p.360, p.361, p.362, p.363

up.125 Flesh Ripper The Goblin p.364, p.365, Name

up.125 Ow My Arm p.366,]

up.126 On The Ground p.367, p.368

up.127 With Vorpal p.369, p.370

up.128 Bolts p.371, p.372

up.129 Thaco's Plan p.373, p.374, p.375

up.130 Chief's Prayer p.376, p.377

up.131 Kin (update) p.378, p.379

up.132 Reunion p.380, p.381

up.133 Red Street p.382, p.383

up.134 Top Of The Statue End Of The Street p.384, p.385

up.135 Two Leaps p.386, p.387, p.388

up.136 The Battle Of Wonder p.389, p.390, p.391, p.392

up.137 Walls And Armour p.393, p.394, p.395

up.138 A Lot Of Walls And A Lot Of Armour p.396, p.397, p.398

up.139 Not A Goblin p.399, p.400

up.140 Angry p.401

up.141 The Charge p.402, p.403, p.404

up.142 Through The West Gate p.405, p.406, p.407, p.408

up.143 Kin And Chief p.409

up.144 The Drider p.410, p.411

up.145 The Ogre And The Kobold p.412, p.413, p.414, p.415, p.416, p.417, p.418

up.146 The Goblin Slayer In The Sewers p.419, p.420, p.421

up.147 Thaco vs The Goblin Slayer p.422, p.423, p.421, p.422, p.423, p.424, p.425, p.426

up.148 The Gate Is Still Closed p.427, p.428

up.149 Bleed For Me p.429, p.430, p. 43, p.432

up.150 Nemesis p.433, p.434

up.151 Yelling The Gate Open p.435, p.436

up.152 The Gate Is Open p.437, p.438, p.439

up.153 Plans To Leave Brassmoon p.440, p.441, p.442, p.443

up.154 Leaving Brassmoon p.444, p.445

up.155 Kin Under The Wagon p.445, p.446, p.447

up.156 After The Escape p.448, p.449, p.450

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