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The second printed book starts with Update 34, Dodge p. 124, and ends with Update 88, Within The Lair p.281. It was first published on ???


List of UpdatesEdit

up.34 Dodge p.124, p.125, p.126

up.35 Chief's Secret p.127, p.128, p.129

up.36 The Party Forms p.130, p.131, p.132, p.133

up.37 The Belt Buckle p.134, p.135

up.38 Klik Lends A Hand p.136, p.137, p.138

up.39 Yumyuck Moss p.139, p.140, p.141

up.40 There Is No Treasure Chest p.142, p.143

up.41 Kore's Conversation p.144, p.145, p.146

up.42 You're Not Asks p.147, p.148, p.149, p.150

up.43 Dies and His New Hand p.151, p.152, p.153

up.44 Fumbles' First Quest p.154, p.155, p.156, p.157

up.45 The Anymug p.158, p.159, p.160, p.161

up.46 The Dungeons Of Brassmoon p.162, p.163, p.164

up.47 The Maze Of Waterfalls p.165, p.166, p.167

up.48 The Thornback Clan p.168, p.169, p.170

up.49 Thaco vs The Thornback Clan p.171, p.172

up.50 Complains Rages p.173, p.174, p.175

up.51 Into The Cave p.176, p.177, p.178, p.179

up.52 Big Ears vs The Thornback Clan p.180, p.181, p.182

up.53 Yellow Musk Creeper (Update) p.183, p.184, p.185, p.186

up.54 Chief's Failure p.187, p.188

up.55 Death of The Yellow Musk Creeper p.189, p.190, p.191, p.192

up.56 Chief Thaco p.193, p.194, p.195

up.57 Horribly Hunted p.196, p.197, p.198

up.58 Horribly Lost and Found p.199, p.200, p.201, p.202, p.203

up.59 The Spear p.204, p.205, p.206

up.60 Thaco's Outfit p.207, p.208

up.61 Tu Dae Fadda p.209, p.210

up.62 The White Terror (update) p.211, p.212, p.213, p.214

up.63 Slave Labour p.215, p.216

up.64 Into Brassmoon p.217, p.218, p.219

up.65 Fumbles Captured p.220, p.221, p.222, p.223

up.66 The Dwarven Paladin p.224, p.225, p.226

up.67 K'seliss (update) p.227, p.228

up.68 Destiny p.229, p.230, p.231

up.69 Captain Goblinslayer's Quarters p.232, p.233, p.234

up.70 Captain Goblinslayer p.235, p.236

up.71 Monster p.237, p.238, p.239

up.72 Clean Blankets p.240, p.241, p.242

up.73 Hobgoblins p.243, p.244

up.74 Chorgrak vs Viper p.245, p.246

up.75 The Riders p.247, p.248, p.249

up.76 The Sewage Pipe p.250, p.251, p.252

up.77 Into The Pipe p.253, p.254, p.255

up.78 Duv vs Borrl p.256, p.257

up.79 Detect Evil p.258, p.259

up.80 The Drain p.260, p.261, p.262

up.81 Ears At The Drain p.263

up.82 The Decision p.264, p.265, p.266

up.83 The Legend Of Thaco The Goblin p.267, p.268

up.84 Food p.269, p.270, p.271

up.85 The Owlbear p.272, p.273

up.86 Lair Of The Goblin Slayer p.274, p.275, p.276

up.87 Entering The Lair p.277, p.278

up.88 Within The Lair p.279, p.280, p.281

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