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The Goblin Adventuring PartyEdit

Thaco is the father of Complains of Names and assumed the character role of "Monk" in the Goblin Adventuring Party. He is the most experienced of any other goblin in the party.
Complains of Names is the son of Thaco and plays the character class of Barbarian. He is temperamental and quick to fight.
Big Ears is the group paladin. After the death of his good friend, One Eye, Big Ears pledged to help other who cannot defend themselves. He places the safety of the group before himself and is the current wielder of the mystical Axe of Prissan.
Fumbles is a good natured goblin who declared himself a member of each adventuring class. His alter ego is "Senor Vorpal Kickass'o". His encounter with the Goblin Slayer in Brassmoon City has left him mentally scared.
Minmax has a good heart but is sharp as a bag of wet mice. He feels that his character stats make him an unstoppable warrior.

The Human Adventuring PartyEdit

Forgath is the cleric and voice of reason in the party. He is good friends with Minmax and goes to great lengths to help him.
Bowst Idle
Ward is a metallic klik that ate Bowst's cursed sword and absorbed its qualities. Now Ward can talk(though normally insults), and if Bowst gets too far away from Ward, he will take damage.
Salt is a metallic klik whom Forgath befriended. 

The Dies Adventuring PartyEdit

Given his name by the clan fortune teller, Dies Horribly has lived in constant fear his whole life. After the war camp was destroyed, Klik replaced Dies' left arm with an semi-liquid, metallic, living being. Still learning to "control" it, Dies has been given a new lease on life.
Saves a Fox is intelligent and tougher than she looks. Her experience in dungeon crawls could keep the group out of trouble, if they would only listen.