Name Chief
Titles Chief
I.M.E.  Blue , armour-like
Current Level 4th
Character Class Cleric (deity: Maglubiyet, god of goblins)
Race Goblin
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Clan Clan of the Cryptic Fall
Death Killed by Kore [1]
Parents Chief Kills a Werebear
Marital Status
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First Mention
First Appearance The Goblins' Introduction p.3


Chief was named by Young and Beautiful in order to prevent a war. He actually wasn't meant to be the chief of the clan, Thaco was. However, as Chief was the newborn son of the previous chief, Kills a Werebear, the clan would have started a war over whom to follow. To prevent that, Young and Beautiful named him Chief and marked him with the ceremonial paint. Chief isn't very brave (on several occasions, he has been seen unable to move to save his friends), but he is a good goblin, as Thaco himself told Complains of Names: he knows he will never have the peaceful life he wished for, and that he will never be a great chief like his father, but he is trying. Chief lost an eye when he poked himself in the eye with a very pointy stick. Since then, he has been seen wearing an eye patch bearing the markings of the clan.

At first, Chief didn't want to be a part of the whole Goblin Adventuring Party (GAP for short) thing. He thought it meant becoming like the adventurers who had killed so many goblins for cheap XP. When everybody chose a class, though, he said he would be "something that stays out of the way and never has to do anything exciting, but is still pestered by everyone in the group". And thus, Chief became a cleric. He worships Maglubiyet, God of goblins.

After the GAP defeated the Yellow Musk Creeper, Chief acquired his Magical Spear, a weapon that is ideal for him since it allows him to fight from afar without needing to go and get his spear back, or carry a huge amount of them. On this occasion, it was shown that his I.M.E. is most likely blue.

Chief has stated that he doesn't understand how anyone could want to be a paladin, seeing how Detect Evil seems unbearable. However, he also has said that if he was being tortured by a madman, he would want his friends to escape rather than try and save him in a suicidal plan. He's also the one who realised that shooting at the guards during Fumbles's execution would hurt innocent humans.

All in all, Chief is more of a "regular guy". Is isn't extremely brave like Thaco, or extremely selfless and good like Big Ears. He is scared and lost but still tries to do what he can for his friends and his clan. In that prospect, he might be one of the easiest characters to identify with.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 10.25.20 AM

Chief heals Complains.

On some rare occasions, Chief can get very enthusiastic: both Young and Beautiful's names for things (such as "Stuff-about-people-we-don't-know papers") and Hawl's "treasures" (such as what he thought to be a bowling ball in a wooden bird cage, but is actually Klik, or a brick) seem to cause in him some kind of awe. Both of these events happened a while ago, though, and Chief hasn't shown the same type of behaviour since.

After the Battle of Brassmoon, the GAP was heading towards the Depths of Dragon Maw. While crossing a river, they were ambushed by the Paladin, Kore. Confident the party could lose Kore in the dungeon crawl, Chief convinced the rest of the party to continue while he stayed behind to stall Kore . After a short battle, Kore tortured Chief hoping the screams would lure the goblins back. The goblins, led by Fumbles, returned to fight Kore but was unable to save Chief from dying from his wounds.


Book OneEdit

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Book TwoEdit

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Book ThreeEdit

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