Complains of Names
Name Complains of Names
Nicknames Complains, Names
I.M.E.  Purple demonic tail  [1]
Current Level 4th
Character Class Barbarian
Race Goblin/Demon
Group GAP
Clan Clan of the Cryptic Fall
Parents Thaco, Protects Books
Marital Status
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First Mention
First Appearance The Goblins' Introduction, p.4


Complains of Names finds endless frustration in Goblin traditions, many of which he perceives as detrimental to the Goblin cause: He wants to use the magic weapons that the clan guards, to hide the poorly locked treasure chest (so that it would not look like a trophy) or at least to lock it a little better. Complains uses the +1 Shortsword and the Shield of Wonder in his battle against Minmax and the rest of the adventuring party. Incredibly, Complains lives through the fight with Minmax and the two have become bitter rivals.

Complains provided support and reasoning when Fumbles proposed the Goblin Adventuring Party. He was willing to postpone his vendetta with Minmax in order to gain levels by doing dungeon crawls. Unfortunately, after Fumbles's accident with the elven child, Complains spends his time attempting to rescue Fumbles from the Goblin Slayer.

The purple diamond tattoo on his arm is an indication of his individual magical effect or I.M.E., which is also purple. The fuzzy piece of cloth that he wears on his forearm is part of the sheath of a sword left by a deceased Tarrock Barbarian. The sword, which was far too large for Complains to use, moved him when he learned about Tarrock Barbarians, who honor their fathers above all else and perform all tasks in their father's name, using the battle cry "TU DAE FADDA", meaning "For the father"[2]. Since he could not use the sword itself, he removed the piece of cloth from the hilt while the rest of the party were not looking and wears it as a symbol of silent respect towards his father.

Complains of Names is hot tempered and brash. He is quick to judge but steadfast in defense of his friends. He has issues with authority and if told to do something will almost always do it a different way. The Barbarian class suits him perfectly, despite his belief that he "doesn't have a temper." At the end of the battle at Brassmoon City he is changed rather dramatically when an effect from the Shield of Wonder tries to turn him into a demon. He is saved by Big Ears, but a piece of his soul was torn away by the magic and he has taken on some slightly demonic characteristics (more prominent incisors, ridges on his chest and a change to his IME). He also lost a finger from his right hand in the destruction of the Shield of Wonder.

Goblins - Saturday, June 24, 2006

Complains is likely to do the opposite of what he is told.


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