Dies Adventuring Party
Name Dies Adventuring Party
Leader Saves a Fox
Purpose Retrieve the Blue Orb of Bloodlight
Race Mixed
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First Mention Clean Blankets
First Appearance Into the Well of Darkness


The Dies Adventuring Party (DAP) was created from the ranks of the surviving Viper Clan’s slave labor to see out and return the Blue Orb of Bloodlight from the Well of Darkness. The group of three consisted of Dies Horribly, K'seliss and Saves a Fox. They were chosen as disposable assets as Duv did not want to risk sending any Viper warriors into the dungeon. DAP was told that if they failed their mission, all the remaining slaves would be killed.[1] Grem insisted on travelling along but was commanded not to by Duv. According to the fortune teller, Riss, any group they send into the Well of Darkness will suffer losses but will succeed. This vision would come true but only if the three chosen slaves were sent. [2] If Grem were to tag along then the vision would change and the future outcome would come into doubt.

Shortly after the party started their adventure, they were joined by Grem and Klik. Since the party number changed, the outcome of this adventure remains open.

Party MembersEdit

Former MembersEdit

  • K’Sellis -- Deceased
  • Klik – Deceased
  • Grem – Spilt up in the dungeon

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