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Elite Guard Crossbow Bolts
Brassmoon Crossbow
Name Eliete Guard Crossbow Bolts
Weapon Type Ranged piercing weapon.
Enhancement Bonus Self loading, range enhanced and ammunition regeneration
Special Abilities -1 to damage, bolts are extremely brittle, ammunition takes 1 hour to regenerate
Material Unknown
I.M.E. Sound effect: light blue
Source The Wizard "that turned the Goblin Slayer [2] into...."
Danger {{{danger}}}
Wielded by Elite Guards of Brassmoon City, Kin [3]
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First Mention The Sewage Pipe [4]
First Appearance The Sewage Pipe [5]

The Elite Guards of Brassmoon that use ranged weapons all use crossbow that fire unusually brittle enchanted crossbow bolts.

Brassmoon Crossbow Bolt

Complains [1] contemplating the brittle crossbow bolts.

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