This page describes the information gleaned from the comic and from the D&D literature pertinent to Goblin Biology. For information on culture, see Goblin Culture.


A male goblin


A female goblin

Special AspectsEdit

Skin ColorEdit

The goblins are often depicted in a wide variety of skin colors, sometimes having many different colors in the same tribe. Goblin skin color may be passed down from generation to generation. For example, Thaco and his son Complains of Names both have orange skin, albeit in different shades. The difference in shade may possibly be due to Thaco's age, or the skin color of Complain's mother.


Goblins are capable of eating different foods than humans: this may mean that they can safely consume raw foods from the woods, such as insects. Processed foods common among humans, like bread and cheese, are almost unheard of among the goblin tribes. Farming has been mentioned by the goblins of the GAP's tribe, and it is implied that they hunt and fish as well. they also eat ducks


The readers are told that goblins age considerably faster than humans do (Generally living to about 30); to compensate, goblins in fiction usually have a high multiplication rate, but there are few details available about that in the comic. So far, Thaco's age has not had a great impact on his abilities as a warrior, although that could simply be due to his taking a class level of monk, and his subsequent leveling up. Chief mentioned that Thaco was slower than he used to be, due to age. It is also implied that goblins can reproduce at a young age, due to the fact that adult goblins are still as young as human children would be.

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