Name Herbert
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Titles Dungeon Master
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Parents Two
Relatives Mother and Father
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Marital Status Assumed Single
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First Mention Fiery Pit
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Herbert is the Dungeon Master who is worshipped by Forgath. It is revealed that he lives in his parent's basement, is a part-time Starbucks employee [1], plays World of Warcraft, is unsuccessful with dating women [2] and owns an X-Box 360 [3].


When Herbert answers a question, he uses Not-Walter, a pit fiend. Not-Walter appears out of a circular gate in the ground. Written around the gate is usually a comment from Herbert. Not-Walter answers the questions of the HAP then leaves.


Not-Walter is the main character in "Not-Walter Screams Like a Little Girl" short story written by Tarol Hunt. The story is about Not-Walter who is summoned by Greena the Demon Slayer.

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