Kills a Werebear
Name Kills-A-Werebear
Nicknames Not Revealed, Possibly Chief
Titles Chief of the Clan of the Cryptic Fall
Current Level
Character Class
Race Goblin
Clan Clan of the Cryptic Fall
Death Killed by Barbarian
Relatives [Chief] (son deceased)
Children [Chief]
Marital Status Not Revealed, assumed married
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First Mention Graveyard[1]
First Appearance 2006


Little is know about Kills-A-Werebear, but he is remembered as being one of the greatest leaders of the Clan of the Cryptic Fall. During his reign, the clan was able to fight off "higher level characters" and spread fear to areas as far as Brassmoon City[2]]. He was also able to create peace treaties with other tribes such as the Viper Clan[3].


The exact details of Kills-A-Werebear's death are not known. It is known that he was killed by a seventh level barbarian at one time shortly after Chief was born[4].