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First Appearance Hawl the Trader p.31

For the Comic Update of the same name, see Klik (update).


Klik was brought to the goblin war camp by Hawl the Trader, who mistook him for a bowling ball. He was accidentally freed by Dies Horribly, whose life he then saved by killing Drasst. Being vulnerable to blood, though, it caused him a wound that was most probably fatal. Dies Horribly, whose arm had been cut off, took him away from the battle scene to wash the blood off of him. Grateful to his saviour, Klik tried to feed Dies Horribly metal, thinking that as it heals him, it would have the same effect on his friend. However, it didn't work, and to save Dies' life, Klik decided to break the laws of his people and give him a new arm. This arm, which comes from a part of Klik, merged its soul with Dies's and took the colour green, (Dies's I.M.E. colour). The arm can take pointy shapes when Dies is afraid or surprised, which is naturally quite often.

After giving Dies a new arm, Klik lost track of his friend when he fell down the waterfall, only to find him again in the Well of Darkness, where he became a member of the Dies Adventuring Party.

Klik unfortunatly died at the hands off his own offspring when Dies metal arm becomes a green version of the floating metal sphere. Dropped into a pool of Dies Horribly's blood Klik was left far too damaged and its teeth too soft to eat metal to reconstitute itself. Its last wish was for Dies to hold it as it died, turning to dust blown away in the wind

Klik was so named by Dies Horribly, presumably because this onomatopoeic sound is the only one that Klik makes.

Known Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Klick can change any shape as long as it maintains the same amount of mass.
  • Klick has the ability to regenerate injuries. This only appears to be limited by the amount of metal he consumes. If Klick is hungry, he will not regenerate as quickly, if at all.


Klick appears to use up a lot of energy shape changing and flying round. Dies Horribly thinks this is why Klick is always hungry.

Tarol Hunt created a Twitter account for Klick. According to Tarol, "This Klik account of official. Everything Klik says in it is canon in the Goblins universe." Announced 4/18/2011


Book OneEdit

Book TwoEdit

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