Chief's Spear
Name Magical Spear
Weapon Type Ranged/Melee Spear
Enhancement Bonus Unknown
Special Abilities Splits into five spears when thrown.
Material Bone
I.M.E. Crackles with energy when thrown.
Wielded by Chief
' Magically returns to wielder
First Mention The Spear [1]
First Appearance The Spear [2]

There is only one Magical Spear known so far. It is the weapon of Chief since he discovered it in the cave of the Yellow Musk Creeper.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

The Spear is made of bone and seems therefore "too brittle to use as a melee weapon and too light to throw."

When thrown, the spear divides into five spears in midair, all hitting the aimed target. After impact, the spears vanish, only to reappear as single spear in the hand of the wielder, ready to be thrown again. Furthermore, the wielder can not lose the spear by accidentally dropping it.


Chief, who was already proficient with normal spears, first underestimated its powers. So he called it "the worst spear I've ever seen" and "useless". After that, he demonstrated his theory about the spear by throwing it. The effects of the spear convinced him to use it as his main weapon from that time on.

The spear was left behind with the now deceased Chief as the Goblin Adventuring Party fled from Kore.[3]

Notable AppearancesEdit

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