Saral Caine
Saral Caine
Name Saral Caine
I.M.E.  Very faint blue, almost white 
Current Level
Character Class Fighter
Race Human
Group Elite Guard, Part of Goblin Slayer's adventuring party
Death By Big Ears [1]
Marital Status
First Mention
First Appearance Into Brassmoon [2]


Saral Caine was an adventurer with the Goblin Slayer who ran a dungeon in Brassmoon City. After the close call with the Orcs of Greyblood, the mayor of Brassmoon City started to finance an army dedicated to killing monsters. To lead this group, the Goblin Slayer was chosen with assistance from Caine. When Fumbles infiltrated Brassmoon City, it was Caine who injured and captured him.


After the Goblin Adventuring Party had fought a room of guards, Big Ears sensed the Axe of Prissan approaching. Knowing Caine was approaching, he left the GAP to lead Caine away. After an initially one-sided battle, Big Ears claimed the Axe of Prissan and was able to defeat Caine.


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