Saves a Fox
Name Saves a Fox
Nicknames Fox
I.M.E.  orange / white  [1]
Current Level 6
Character Class Fighter [3]
Race Goblin
Group Dies Adventuring Party
Marital Status Single, but possibly interested in Dies Horribly
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First Mention
First Appearance K'seliss (update) p.227


Saves a Fox is a goblin slave to the Viper Clan. She comforted Dies Horribly, telling him her story to demonstrate that fate is not written in stone. She was named 'Saves a Fox,' because she was supposed to do just that on the day of her fifth birthday. Not wanting to be chained by fate, she found the fox on that day, and killed it instead of saving it. She keeps the fox's tail by her to remind her that she makes her own destiny. The White Terror's son Grem harbors feelings for her. Her own feelings towards Grem are unknown, though it is suggested that she hates all members of the Viper Clan.

Saves A Fox is later convinced by Dies Horribly that she indeed "saved" that fox, because it was infected with Sunset Fever which causes a lack of fear, painful gorging, and incredible agony. Whether or not this is a valid interpretation of "saved" is still unresolved.

Dies Horribly: "You did save that fox that day and I will die a horrible death. We are all puppets to destiny Saves a Fox...[4]"

Furthermore, whether or not this means Fox is a slave to destiny or if it is just a matter of interpretation is still an unresolved issue in the comic.

Fox's combat skills are described as astounding by The White Terror's prophet, Riss. [5] This is due to her secretly having adventurer levels; it was recently revealed that she is a sixth-level Fighter. With these increased stats and fighting abilities, she is the only one who can keep the lizardman K'seliss in line, even though he is far larger than she is.

Saves a Fox has orange skin and a full head of brownish hair. Being female she wears more clothing than most other goblins (for content purposes in the comic), but even when geared up for combat she goes lightly armored and remains barefoot. She wields a quarterstaff, and her fighting style seems to rely on speed and agility more than brute strength.


Book TwoEdit

Book ThreeEdit

Notes Edit

  1. this is for sound effects[1], hitting on the egg. Later there is a mixed  gray / beige  sound effect when she is using Klik as a staff.[2]

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