Seth Bainwraith
Name Seth Bainwraith
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Current Level 1
Character Class Unknown
Race Drow
Death Bleeding To Death p.83
Relatives Drizzt Do'Urden, half-cousin
Marital Status
First Mention The Goblins Discuss the Poorly Locked Chest p.7
First Appearance The Adventurers Introduction p.11


Seth's black-and-white introduction


Seth Bainwraith is a rare drow who forsook his home, the Underdark and the evil ways of his people, just like the two other drow in his party, Drasst Don'tsue and Drowbabe. Seth claims to be the half-cousin of Drizzt Do'Urden. Unfortunately, he does not get to see much of the top world as he is killed in his party's attack on the goblin's war camp. Seth has a painful run-in with spiked skulls swinging down into his body. Although he survived that device, he died in a very brief skirmish with Thaco.


The player behind Seth Bainwraith apparently rerolled to create a new character. This new character is Baka the Japanese Ninja (or Samurai)... even though there is no Japan in this world. He also died a horrible, yet considerably quicker, death when he is ripped in half by Dies Horribly's former arm[1].

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